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A premier care home providing the finest care for elderly and EMI residents
Telephone: 01977 708 368 | Email: info@thevicaragecourt.co.uk

Life at Vicarage Court

We provide a high standard of individualised care at the Old Vicarage. The residents who are able to go out with relatives are welcome to do so whenever they like. They can choose when they get up and go to bed.

Meal times are flexible and there is a wide choice of actual meals. Breakfast can be taken any time between 7.00am and 10.00am, lunch is usually served at 12noon and tea is available between 4.30pm and 6.00pm. Special Diets are catered for on request and a well balanced diet is provided. Our prospective residents are welcome to view our menus and discuss informally their personal diet needs. Drinks are served at various times during the day and are always available on request.

The Home offers a wide range of social and leisure activities. In the dinning room there is a notice board where you will find full details. The various activities are co-ordinated by an informal Social and Activities Committee, which is composed of residents, relatives and staff. Should you wish to attend the next meeting, please tell your Key Worker who will arrange this.

Every summer we organise a barbeque, a popular event which gives residents, families, friends, and staff an informal chance to meet and chat. Families are always invited to the various parties to celebrate the different times of year.

Ministers visit every two weeks for residents with religious beliefs. We can arrange for newspaper delivery. Clothing and shoe sales are held in the home.

Belongings are very important, and we have a carefully organized laundry system to ensure clothes are not mislaid.

On regular occasions the management hold informal meetings, this is where the residents and staff (your relatives may also attend) sit down and discuss what is happening in the Home. The meeting is informal and is usually 'chaired' by a member of the senior management group.


We know how important it is for everyone to keep in touch, and so we welcome family and friends at any time. So come in, and help yourself to a cup of tea or coffee whenever you want. You can spend time in the quiet room, the garden or the bedroom.

Visitors are welcome 24 hours a day. However we do ask that if you visit after 9pm, then please ring first to let the staff know.

We request regular feedback from yourselves. Feel free to approach the owners or the manager for feedback, and to discuss any ideas you have, and to convey to any concerns. We have clients satisfactions surveys which are done regularly, and also a suggestion box.

We try to do all we can to meet individual needs. Some residents and families, for example, prefer to share Christmas dinner here at the Old Vicarage for different reasons, and we’re very happy to make arrangements like these.

If family and friends can’t visit for whatever reason, we can help residents to read
letters, emails and to write replies if they want to. Every resident has a private email address to which you can send letters and photos.

You can keep up to date with what's going on at Vicarage Court by reading our blog.